The Wilevco Spinning Disc Applicator (SDA) evenly applies sauces, glazes, and coatings – with a precise and accurate delivery system, a fully enclosed design that eliminates waste, and no nozzles to clog.

Its modular design can be customized to coat top only, bottom only, or both sides. The Wilevco SDA makes it easier to take control and get consistent coatings, reduce waste, and avoid clogging even with particulates – saving money.

Wilevco Food Coating Machine (SDA)

Download the Spinning Disc Applicator PDF Brochure here.

Get Consistent Coatings

Achieving a consistent, even coating can be challenging. The SDA’s unique, patented “spinning disc technology” generates a consistent coating regardless of viscosity all day long. Unlike waterfalls which struggle with high and low points in their coatings or spray bars that clog, the constantly spinning discs create a consistent, even, repeatable layer across the product.

Reduce Waste

Unlike its competitors, the SDA’s fully enclosed design prevents waste by containing, recycling and reusing any coating not directly applied to the product – saving up to 60% of the coating. The design prevents excess spray from escaping of the machine, keeping nearby machines clean, and coating from going to waste, and eliminating potential slip and fall hazards.

No Clogging – Even with Particulates

Systems with spray nozzles (or slingers) struggle with particulates. However, the SDA’s nozzle-less design avoids these challenges and provides a solution to this issue with its nozzle-free design. The system allows for particulates such as ground pepper, parsley, or other seasonings up to a ¼’’ to pass through without clogging while also dispersing them. Even with thicker sauces, the SDA can maintain reliable results despite the increase in the viscosity of the coating.

How The SDA Food Coating Machine Can Work for You

The SDA has been used to apply food coatings to a wide variety of products including chicken breasts, wings, and nuggets, black forest ham, garlic bread and Texas toast, pizza crust, apple slices, buns, and more. To browse videos of the SDA food coating machine in action click here.

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