The nozzleless design and even coating – even at very low pickup rates – of Wilevco’s patented Spinning Disc Applicator (SDA) creates a unique opportunity to apply oils to pizza crust, doughs, snack foods, popcorn, pet treats, pans, and other items. The even coating and zero waste recovery system reduce oil usage compared to what’s possible from spraybars, drums, or hand application, ensuring consistent final product.

Wilevco Coating - Oils - Chicken
Wilevco Coating - Oils - Pet Food
Wilevco Coating - Oils - Pizza
  • No Waste: Coating that does not end up on the product is fully recycled, resulting in as much as a 60% product use reduction versus spraybars or similar equipment
  • No Nozzles: Coatings move gently onto the center of the disc without clogging or dripping, regardless of viscosity
  • Great With Particulate: The nozzleless design allows the spinning disc applicator to consistently and accurately deposit coatings, even with particulate
  • Precise & Infinitely Adjustable: Infinitely variable belt speed and pump pressure allow customized pickup rates based on your needs
  • Versatile: Able to switch between products with no equipment changeovers
  • Automated: Combination of Allen-Bradley controls and the patented delivery system provide precise, efficient coating without manual adjustment