Using Wilevco’s patented Spinning Disc Applicator technology, the Wilevco SDA can precisely and uniformly apply various food coatings, even with particulate up to 1/4″. This includes oils, herb butters, sauces, glazes, spice mixes, barrier coatings, and more.

The nozzleless system gently moves product down a precisely shaped shaft, to the center of a disc, and onto the product – without nozzles or drums that can clog, drip, or create high and low spots.

The nozzleless design is particularly effective for coatings that are thick, sticky, viscous, or have particulate, allowing producers to apply coatings that had to be done by hand in the past. Wilevco’s food coating solutions offer reduced labor, improved consistency, and increased throughput.

Precisely, gently and uniformly apply coatings of almost any viscosity – even with particulates.

The Wilevco patented Spinning Disc Applicator precisely and uniformly applies coatings of almost any viscosity with no messy airknives, dips or waterfalls.

Wilevco Spinning Disc Applicator - SDA - Food Coating Machine