Wilevco believes that its machines are only as good as the support behind them. The best possible ROI requires an experienced and knowledgeable support team working constantly for your satisfaction. Installation, training, telephone help-desk support, field and factory level service, and a full spare parts inventory are just part of Wilevco’s investment in and commitment to its customers.


Even the most capable machine is nothing more than an expensive paper weight if the operators aren’t comfortable using it. Wilevco utilizes its team of fully trained, factory-based installers to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their machine.

Technical Support

Wilevco provides real-time assistance – at no cost – to help minimize production interruptions. Regular phone support is available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday, and “on call” after hours. Because you are dealing directly with the factory you can depend on our technical support staff.

Spare Parts

Wilevco’s policy is “if it’s a spare part, we should have it in stock,” and we maintain a complete inventory of OEM replacement parts, in stock, in our Billerica, MA factory. Wilevco knows that our customers are dealing with perishable product and razor thin margins and, as a result, a down machine can be the difference between a profitable business and a disaster. Overnight delivery is available on virtually every part.


Whether in your plant or at our facility, Wilevco can design and present customized training created specifically for your organization’s needs, including programs for machine operation, preventative maintenance, and repair. Based on customer needs and experience, training can include classroom instruction, hands-on maintenance, or in-plant machine operation. Weekend training sessions can be arranged to avoid interrupting production schedules.

Line Audits

With almost 60 years of experience supporting food manufacturing operations in hundreds of plants, across the industry, and around the world, Wilevco is well suited to leverage its know-how and review your operations. Audits can be arranged as part of a new machinery installation, ongoing continuous improvement efforts, or whenever there is potential that operations are not as efficient as they should be. The Wilevco team can assist with plant layouts, operational efficiency, and optimizing machinery to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create better product.