As any production manager knows, consistency equals quality. Creating a reliable, repeatable process and getting those desired results is able to be achieved in three parts: art, science, and a lot of automated control. When mixing batter for commercial batter-bread production recipes, temperatures and viscosities must be controlled so that the batter produced remains the same, no matter who is managing the line.

Without automated control batter mixing for breaded food products can be labor intensive and inconsistent, while wasting expensive ingredients and lowering yields. Wilevco improves the batter mixing process by optimizing these key steps.

Components + Control = Consistency

Commercial Batter Machine

Commercial Batter Machine Components

Wilevco’s Continuous Batter Mixing System brings together our mixer, swept surface heat exchanger to precisely control temperature, and an inline reservoir for continuous processing.

Wilevco Continuous Batter Mixing System
Wilevco Cryolator
Wilevco Accessories

These units combined in a single line and integrated through the mixer’s PLC ensure that the batter mixing recipe, temperature, and viscosity are unvarying and accurate – all day long.

Commercial Batter Machine Control

The Wilevco Continuous Batter Mixing System is able to offer control from start to finish. The inline sensor checks viscosity continuously throughout, providing precise control during the most important part of the process.

This means no more messy and inconsistent Stein cup measurements or batches that change viscosity as they sit over time. All measurements are tracked and controlled in real time, ensuring that the batter always meets the programmed recipe, minimizing the chance of wasting ingredients and line time by producing off spec product.

Batter Applications

The Continuous Batter Mixing System is programmable to control a wide range of batters, including the products below.


Fish & Shrimp


French Toast


Corn Dogs


For a complete list and examples of applications for our commercial batter machine visit our Batter Mixing Products page.

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