Based on its ability to apply products that would clog ordinary spraybars, Wilevco’s Spinning Disc Applicator (SDA) has become the go-to solution for applying barrier coatings. The patented delivery system’s ability to coat evenly – even at extremely low pickup rates – saves money by reducing the amount of coating needed to cover the product, and the nozzleless design means there is nothing to clog.

Wilevco Coating - Barrier Coating - Bananas
Wilevco Coating - Barrier Coating - Apples
Wilevco Coating - Barrier Coating - Chicken
  • No Waste: Coating that does not end up on the product is fully recycled, resulting in as much as a 60% product use reduction versus spraybars or similar equipment
  • No Nozzles: Coatings move gently onto the center of the disc without clogging or dripping, regardless of viscosity
  • Great With Particulate: The nozzleless design allows the spinning disc applicator to consistently and accurately deposit coatings, even with particulate
  • Precise & Infinitely Adjustable: Infinitely variable belt speed and pump pressure allow customized pickup rates based on your needs
  • Versatile: Able to switch between products with no equipment changeovers
  • Automated: Combination of Allen-Bradley controls and the patented delivery system provide precise, efficient coating without manual adjustment