Wilevco’s Spinning Disc Applicator (SDA) improves product quality and saves producers money by consistently, accurately, and evenly applying oil – and other coatings – to pizza crust at whatever pickup rate is required.

Pizza crust producers use oil to improve flavor, increase browning, or expand overall functionality. Depending on proofing, baking, freezing, crust quality, nutritionals, and other factors, they may apply the coating on top only, bottom only, or both sides.

There is a saying – consistency is quality. Removing the variability inherent in any human controlled activity is the key to gaining that consistency. Coating pizza crust – whatever the pickup rate, whether top, bottom or both – using an automated process ensures that no matter who controls the machine the final product is always perfectly coated without high and low spots or splotchy areas.  The key is not to just to automate the process, but to do it with the right equipment that can provide that consistency.

Apply Oil On Pizza Crust

The Wilevco Spinning Disc Applicator precisely and gently applies coatings of almost any viscosity, even with particulate – at almost any pickup rate. The SDA’s 100% Allen Bradley recipe controlled interface offers completely customizable pickup rates from just 1% to over 40%, and it can be integrated into existing production lines, new builds, or even used as a standalone applicator. Standard widths range from 12” to 60” (1.5m) and its modular design allows it to be customized for almost any width or coating.

Wilevco Spinning Disc Applicator - SDA

Download the Spinning Disc Applicator PDF Brochure here.

Compared to traditional waterfall applicators the SDA’s fully enclosed design recycles 100% of the product, eliminating product waste. The enclosed hood prevents atomization into the plant atmosphere – eliminating workplace safety concerns such as slip hazards created by overspray and other food safety hazards – and the reservoir system reuses coating that does not end up on the product.

For producers who want to add flavorings or produce gourmet crusts, the SDAs ability to handle large particulate is an added benefit. The nozzleless design’s ability to accommodate particulate up to ¼” in size provides producers the same accuracy, repeatability, and consistency when applying herbs, spices, flavorings, or other insoluble bits.

Our team recently performed in-house demonstrations with the SDA applying oil coatings on pizza crusts to show the accuracy, consistency, and versatility of the system. Based on customer needs we completed tests that achieved 1%-2% oil pickup rates on round crust, 15% pickup on square crusts, and high quality looking product with evenly spaced particulate. Each demonstration showed how the Wilevco SDA offers pizza production facilities versatility, control, and consistency.

Apply Oil On Pizza Crust – Round

Apply Oil On Pizza Crust – Rectangle

The final test included herb oil with particulate. The unique spinning disc technology uses no nozzles, providing even coating without clogging.

Applying Oil With Herb Particulate

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