The Wilevco Continuous Batter Mixing System has the versatility to handle batter-breading beef, pork, and ground product to create new menu options. Or, utilize trim and offcuts to create revenue from what was otherwise a material loss. The inclusion of the Cryolator to control batter temperature has the added benefit of keeping ground product cold, maintaining its integrity before frying or freezing. Wilevco’s fully electronic Allen-Bradley recipe control system allows producers to change batter viscosity and temperature on a product-by-product basis to get the exact coating required.

Wilevco Batter Mixing - Meat 1
Wilevco Batter Mixing - Meat 2
Wilevco Batter Mixing - Meat 3
  • Saves You Money: Wilevco’s unique ability to precisely control temperature and viscosity allows operators to improve economics by increasing batter pickup, reducing dry mix, and eliminating blowouts
  • Improves Operations: Going continuous reduces footprint, minimizes product storage, and improves safety by eliminating large batches of batter sitting in the bug growing zone
  • Fully Automatic: The system controls viscosity, temperature, and level to give operators the exact batter you want, day after day after day
  • Maintenance Free: Fully open / wash-down stainless steel frame, all metal pump internals, and Wilevco’s “built like a tank” design make the system virtually maintenance free
  • Easy To Use: Allen-Bradley recipe controls allow operators to shift between saved recipes at the touch of a button, reducing downtime and increasing production