The Wilevco Continuous Batter Mixing System has become the industry standard for mozzarella and other cheese stick batters. The fully electronic Allen-Bradley recipe control system allows producers to change batter viscosity and temperature on a product-by-product basis to get the exact coating required. It also provides the versatility needed to run multiple products on the same line, regardless of the cheese being coated.

  • Saves You Money: Wilevco’s unique ability to precisely control temperature and viscosity allows operators to improve economics by increasing batter pickup, reducing dry mix, and eliminating blowouts
  • Improves Operations: Going continuous reduces footprint, minimizes product storage, and improves safety by eliminating large batches of batter sitting in the bug growing zone
  • Fully Automatic: The system controls viscosity, temperature, and level to give operators the exact batter you want, day after day after day
  • Maintenance Free: Fully open / wash-down stainless steel frame, all metal pump internals, and Wilevco’s “built like a tank” design make the system virtually maintenance free
  • Easy To Use: Allen-Bradley recipe controls allow operators to shift between saved recipes at the touch of a button, reducing downtime and increasing production