Introduced in 1968, the Wilevco Cryolator is the original scraped surfaceheat exchanger for flowable product. Copied by competitors ever since, it remains the industry leader for quickly and efficiently heating or cooling flowable product. The efficient energy transfer of the scraped surface heat exchanger design moves product quickly through the bacteria growth zone with minimal BTU’s. Popular applications include mayonnaise, icings and glazes, tomato pastes and sauces, alfredos, and pasteurization.

Wilevco Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger - Paste
Wilevco Temperature Control - Batter
Wilevco Temperature Control - Chocolate
  • Versatile: Able to heat or cool any flowable product
  • Efficient: Move product quickly and efficiently out of the bacteria growing zone
  • Continuous: Continuous rather than batch process increases throughput and improves product consistency and quality
  • Operator Free: Design removes the possibility of operator over- or under-temping product and improves food safety
  • Compact: Vertical design reduces footprint and increases usable production floor space