Spray Coating Chicken Breasts with WilevcoThe Wilevco SDA (Spinning Disc Applicator) is the perfect tool for spray coating chicken breasts, except that it doesn’t exactly spray coatings so much as it evenly distributes coatings onto food products. The SDA uses patented “spinning disc technology” to apply coatings without a spraybar or nozzles, the spinning discs applying an even and consistent coating while maintaining very specific application amounts. The video below shows the SDA in a production line, with a conveyor of chicken breasts passing through the machine as the food coating is applied.

Download the Spinning Disc Applicator PDF Brochure here.

Spray Coating Chicken Breasts

The SDA spinning disc technology means less mess, better control of the applied coating, and with no nozzles, there is no risk of clogging with particulate. Not only will the products end up with a more even and consistent coating, most plants find that the SDA also saves wasted product. In addition, the enclosed application process removes plant safety hazards from overspray, puddles, and slip hazards, and once the run cycle is complete the SDA is easily washed down to remove any food safety hazards.

Spray Coating Chicken Breasts

These chicken breasts were coated with a application with only a 2.5% pickup rate, proving that the SDA also offers incredible control of the coating levels.

Does your current spray application system offer the same consistency, quality control, and adherence to today’s plant and food safety standards? Do you want to test your applied coatings with the Wilevco SDA? Wilevco has a demonstration unit and we can do coating application tests in facility, or, we can bring the demo unit to you for an in-plant test. Interested in trying it out? Contact us today!

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