Wilevco SDA - Herb Butter Sprayed On BreadA food production plant contacted us with questions about how their herb butter is being sprayed on bread. Their existing system for applying herb butter on bread was inefficient, constantly getting clogged, and left splotches on the bread due to uneven and inconsistent applications. We brought the Wilevco SDA (Spinning Disc Applicator) to their plant to demonstrate the way we apply herb butter on bread with our patented spinning disc technology, and the video results are below.

Download the Spinning Disc Applicator PDF Brochure here.

Herb Butter Sprayed On Bread

By using the Wilevco SDA (Spinning Disc Applicator), we were able to evenly apply the herb butter coating onto the slices of bread as they were conveyed through the machine. Even with the herb particulate, the SDA didn’t clog, no clumps were applied or left on the product, and the pieces of bread were evenly and consistently coated. For the food production facility, it was a night and day difference from their existing system. For the Wilevco SDA, it was another successful demonstration.

Herb Butter Sprayed On Bread with Wilevco

In addition to better results of herb butter sprayed on bread, the SDA was cleaner, with less overspray, puddling, and safety hazards around the machine. The spinning disc application system is enclosed in the SDA, containing all product without overspray or spilling. Cleaning the SDA after the test run was quick and easy, and less of a headache with no nozzles to worry about.

Do you want to test herb butter sprayed on bread, or your own unique spray coatings with the Wilevco SDA? Contact us today!

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