The HiTec BeltGrillPro contact cooker pro-series sears products exclusively in their own fat. That way, it gets the natural flavor of the products. If desired, products can be given patterns like grill stripes. The products are conveyed through the machine between an upper and a lower PTFE coated belt and cooked by plates heated electrically or by thermal oil. The plates can be equipped with patterns such as grill marks depending on the desired appearance of the products. Since the products cook in their own fat, the result of this process is a product that looks appetizing and has a natural taste of its own, without any addition of fat and with a slight loss of weight. These aspects correspond with the present trend towards healthier and lighter cuisine.

Our contact cooker will sear and cook your products solely in their own fat, allowing for a cooking process that’s free of additional added fats and provides natural flavor, a product with high eating qualities and home-made appearance. An additional benefit is the minimal weight loss due to the efficient cooking method of contact heat and direct energy transfer into the product. Even heavily marinated or sticky glazed products can be perfectly processed, due to the non-stick abilities of the belt.

The look of the product, too, makes for a real eye-catcher in the modern kitchen by means of the contact cooker: Chicken breast fillets, patties, or potato pancakes can be given grill stripes or other authentic roast marks, evenly and on both sides.


Fat-free contact cooking with non-stick belts seals the natural juices and fats in the product for highest eating quality and minimum cooking losses
Fast cooking time provides higher yield and high performance
Non-stick solid cooking belt means product is cooked in its juices and natural fats
A home-cooked appearance and taste
Perfect browning of product surface
No belt marks on products


Fully adjustable cooking time
Available belt width; 600,1000,1200 mm
Temperature range up to 260° C
Industrie 4.0 control system (Siemens)
Remote Service Ixon Modem for remote service & maintenance
Continuous belt cleaning system (Steam)
Automatic belt tensioner and tracking system
Automatic adjustable heating plate height to accommodate different products
Fat Collection system
Available with electrical of thermal fluid oil heat source