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Jabsco manufactures flexible impeller pumps, diaphragm pumps and sliding vane pumps to be used in various industries, including marine and food processing.

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Flexible Impeller Compounds

1. NEOPRENE is the standard impeller material used in most flexible impeller pumps. It offers a wide range of chemical resistant properties.
Temperature range: 45°F to 180°F

2. NITRILE impellers offer compatibility with oil products. It handles a wide range of oils, oil and water emulsions, diesel fuel, lower fraction hydrocarbons, kerosene, lubricating and machine cutting oil.
Temperature range: 50°F to 180°F
Lower temperatures affect priming ability and performance characteristics. Generally, nitrile performance is 10% below that of neoprene.

3. VITON impellers are recommended when pumping hydrocarbons, solvents and severely corrosive chemicals.
Temperature range: 60°F to 180°F
Viton is not recommended for low temperature or high pressure applications.

4. SANITARY NEOPRENE impellers are used in the hygienic
flexible impeller pumps for applications pumping food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.
Temperature range: 45°F to 165°F

5. NATURAL RUBBER impellers are used in cold water applications.
Temperature range: 22°F to 120°F

6. SANITARY EPDM impellers are used for elevated temperature hygienic applications to 185°F. EPDM is compatible with some ketone solvents.
Temperature range: 60°F to 185°F

Flexible Impeller Silhouettes and Descriptions

JABSCO Flexible Impeller Types

Need the part number for an impeller, seal, gasket, or motor?

  • Flexible Impeller information describing the materials, the sizes and shapes,
    and insert materials.
  • Use the impeller silhouettes to determine what impeller your customer has just brought in without a part number
  • If you have the pump part number, the service kits guide will give everything else

Download the full JABSCO impeller and pump part number list here.


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