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Replacement Parts

Refer to your Specification Sheet for details on your equipment. When ordering parts it is helpful if you have the Wilevco part number and description of the part. Wilevco part numbers are three digits, a dash and three more digits, such as "120-480". The description may be found on the Specification Sheet, such as "8M-640-12mm", in this case a drive belt. While it is not practical to list all parts and part numbers, parts that are regularly ordered are indicated on the Specification Sheet with the part number and description.

For ordering all other parts, please have your equipment serial number(s) with an accurate description of the part required prior to calling. If a brand name and/or number for the part is not available, try to obtain a description or location in the machine, function, size, color, etc. When ordering parts over the internet please email parts orders to parts@wilevco.com.

Key Description Part #
1 Temperature Controller w/Dual Relay 400-401
2 Viscosity Controller w/Quad Relay 400-402
3 Relay 280-085
3 Relay Cover 280-086
4 Flasher 220-160
5 Wilevco Relay 220-005
6 Level Probe Relay 440-040
7 Flow Probe Relay 280-034
8 Telemecanique LC1-D25-F7 Contactor 260-106
Note: All contactors are the same. Contactor overloads vary, check your Specification Sheet for details. Additional contactor is used for electric Cryolator drive.
9 120-Volt Circuit Breaker 260-145
10 15 AMP 3 Phase Circuit Breaker 260-155
10 30 AMP 3 Phase Circuit Breaker 260-160
11 Heater 220-210
12 In-Zone Timer 440-060
13 Emergency Stop Block 280-195
14 Power Disconnect Switch 280-059
15 Power Disconnect Auxiliary Contact 280-058
16 Power Disconnect Handle 280-055
17 Liquids/Solids Dual Control Timer 400-364
18 Viscosity Potentiometer 400-400
Wilevco Cryolator Replacement Parts

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