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RTS Family of Reserve Tanks

Wilevco Reserve Tanks Are Low Volume Reservoirs Designed For Continuous Batter Filtering And Distribution Between The Wilevco Batter Mixing System And Batter Applicators.
RTS Family of Reserve Tanks

Compact and ruggedly constructed, the Reserve Tank can be configured with one or more job specific positive displacement pumps incorporating either electric or hydraulic drive. These tanks may also be configured for metering proprietary liquid and/or special ingredients into mixed batter.

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  • Compact Design
  • Hydraulic or Electric Drive
  • Operator & Maintenance Friendly
  • Easy Clean-Up & Assembly
  • Sanitary Construction
  • Metering Capability
  • Interfaces Easily with All Applicators


  • Reserve Capacity
  • Bypass Capacity
  • Single Mixer Supplying Two Applicators
  • & More

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