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Lease Wilevco Products & Systems*

*Spray Applicators are for Purchase Only

Our Lease Program is Truly Unique!

Wilevco Series 9 Batter Mixer

Our lease program gives you the choice to avoid the initial capital expense required to purchase equipment, thus freeing up that sum for other important projects and avoiding debt. Our lease is proven to be inherently more cost effective. With such features as, the non-escalating monthly payment, planning and budgeting become predictable. Lease Mixers, Cryolators and Reserve Tanks either individually or as one complete system!

Guaranteed "state of the art" with FREE REPLACEMENT equipment

As new developments and technologies are realized, they will be incorporated into your equipment with no increase in rent. Typically, when the Mixer is between seven and ten years old, it is replaced at no cost other than freight.

No increase in rent

Our leases are three-year, automatically renewable. At the end of each lease period, a new lease will automatically take effect at no increase in the rental amount as long as the same model equipment is leased.

No Charge Spare parts

Wilevco will supply and maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts that are either frequently required or vital in emergencies to prevent down-time. The only parts you purchase are pump impellers, Cryolator blades, and any parts lost or damaged through abuse or neglect.

No Charge Service and training

Service is the lifeblood of our lease program. A Wilevco senior manager or corporate officer will visit your plant at least once a year to train or re-train personnel, service the equipment, and make any adjustments required at no charge. We are always available by telephone, and find that most questions are answered quickly and efficiently.


Should your production needs increase, we will supply higher capacity equipment at the prevailing rate and cancel the existing rental contract with no penalty. Conversely, should your needs decrease, we will supply lower capacity equipment with the same conditions.

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