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Serving the Food Processing Industry for over 50 Years!

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About Wilevco Incorporated

Innovation. Quality. Expertise.

Wilevco has been building and perfecting innovative, quality machinery for the Food Processing Industry for over 50 years! We offer equipment used in three distinct areas: spray application of coatings, mixing of liquid batters, and chilling of liquids and slurries. Components may be used individually or combined to form a system for a specific coating process.

The Wilevco family of equipment is designed to meet stringent safety and sanitary requirements, while delivering the cost effectiveness of precise process control. Our digital control technology enables you to configure a customized system to achieve your automation goals and meet your data acquisitions needs.

Extraordinary customer service is the cornerstone of our business. We understand the importance of long-lasting relationships with our customers; partnerships built on trust, integrity and commitment that are integral to their success.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers with well-built, innovative equipment and superior customer service that enhances their processes and contributes to their continued success!

We continuously strive towards our mission by following our bedrock principles:

  • To provide our customers with extraordinary service and support before AND after the sale by building and maintaining relationships built on trust, integrity and performance.
  • To manufacture equipment that gives our customers precise, repeatable results with significant ROI.
  • To build rugged, durable equipment that is easy to operate, clean and maintain.
  • To constantly improve technology through active research and development as well as open communication with our customers.

Our History

Putnam P. Flint, Wilevco Founder
Putnam P. Flint, Founder
September 6, 1918 – April 22, 2014

In 1955, Wilevco’s founder, Putnam P. Flint, recognized that batter viscosity control is a critical control point in batter/breaded food production, having a direct bearing on yield and therefore profitability. He then developed and patented the first Automatic Batter Mixer with viscosity control to serve the emerging batter/breaded fish stick industry. The machine became the foundation of what would become Wilevco, which he incorporated in 1965.

In 1968, the WILEVCO CRYOLATOR®, a vertical swept surface heat exchanger, was designed specifically for batter chilling because of food safety concerns and other important benefits of temperature control. The CRYOLATOR® delivers unparalleled performance in liquid temperature control through the full range of batter viscosities and has been successfully utilized in a variety of other temperature transfer applications including liquid process chilling of slurries, sauces and gravies.

In 2002, WILEVCO introduced the revolutionary ROTARY ATOMIZATION (R.A.) SPRAY APPLICATOR which uniformly and precisely applies coatings of all types and viscosities to products at very high belt speeds. Utilizing unique, patented spinning disc technology, this non-nozzle method of supplying coating material to the disc eliminates clogging or dripping, either with or without particulate. The WILVECO R.A. SPRAY APPLICATOR will apply a wide range of coatings proving its great versatility; coatings such as, but not limited to, very light oils, flavor coatings, barrier coatings and glazes, to butters and sauces with particulate, to viscous coatings such as leavened batters. Its inherent capital equipment economy offers any processor precise control over its coating process, increasing yield and significantly reducing costly waste.

Wilevco continues to expand within the food industry, to include the baking, chicken processing, deli meat, fish processing, fruit and vegetable, meat processing, pet food, potato processing, and baking and snack food industries.

Eco Friendly

Solar Array at Wilevco's Facility

WILEVCO uses environmentally green processes throughout our manufacturing facility.

Wilevco's solar array; Supplying about 85% of electrical use in the summer and up to 55% in the winter. The weekends are "sold" back to the utility. Go "Green" thanks to our friends at Solect Energy.