USDA Approved Mixing, Coating & Chilling Equipment

Batter control is a critical control point in batter/breaded food production. Recognizing this, WILEVCO developed the first automatic batter mixer with viscosity control in 1955 to serve the emerging breaded fish stick industry.

Since then, the coating industry has expanded in scope and sophistication to include meat, poultry, vegetables, potatoes, various food snacks and other seafood. Throughout these decades, WILEVCO Systems have been refined to meet the demands of the industry and to enable further enhancements in coating technology.

Reliable performance and repeatable results, along with ease of operation, maintenance, and sanitation are the hallmarks of WILEVCO Systems. The durability of our equipment's rugged stainless steel construction is legendary. Series 850/870 batter mixer Series 790 Batter Mixer Spinning Disc Spray Applicator Series 630 Batter Mixer Cryolators


  • Consistent Yield
  • Material Savings
  • Product Quality
  • Production Speed
  • Food Safety
  • Equipment Versatility
  • Ease of Operation
  • Durability

WILEVCO uses environmentally green processes throughout our manufacturing facility.

WILEVCO's Spinning Disc Spray Applicators utilize patented technology to maximize production yield. The uniform spray pattern is applied precisely, without the use of air-knives, to each piece across the belt throughout the production run, eliminating over and under coated product.

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Introducing the Revolutionary Series 935 Automatic Batter Mixer

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  • Open Frame for Ease of Operation, Maintenance and Sanitation.
  • Groundbreakng All-Stainless Gear Pumps.
  • Direct Pump Drives.
  • Wilevco's Legendary Viscosity Control.
  • Allen-Bradley PLC with PanelView Plus Touchscreen.
  • Sanitary Construction.
  • Low Shear Mixing of the Full Range of Batters Including Leavened Batter.