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Cryolators for Liquid Chilling

Wilevco cryolators, vertical swept-surface heat exchangers, offer the ultimate in liquid process chilling.
Series 630 Batter Mixer

Wilevco is the industry leader in batter chilling and temperature control. Our Cryolators are designed to assure smooth passage of even the most delicate products. Sanitary blades scrape product from the super cold surface in order to maintain the liquid at a constant temperature throughout the production process. Originally conceived for the batter/breaded food industry to control micro bacteriological counts per HAACP guidelines, Wilevco Cryolators can meet the strictest process chilling requirements.

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Benefits of Temperature Control

  • HAACP Compliance
  • Eliminate wasted product from periodic dumps
  • Improve batter solid adhesion and crumb pick-up efficiency
  • Retain leavening action for Tempura style batters

Features & Models

Wilevco Cryolator Features:
  • Minimal Floor Space Needed
  • Mixer or post mounted
  • Smooth passage for delicate products
  • Sanitary blades
  • Use with Glycol, Ammonia, or Freon
  • Uniform temperature/absolute control
  • Sanitary Construction
  • Full range of viscosities
  • Easy Interface with Plant Systems
  • Electric or Hydraulic Drive
Cryolator Models
4.5 x 6 Cryolator®
  • Minimal floor space (9" dia.)
  • Standard capacity
4.5 x 8 Cryolator®
  • Minimal floor space (11" dia.)
  • High capacity
  • High ambient conditions
  • Very thick products
  • 2.5 inch outlets


  • Batter/breaded food production
  • RTE Foods
  • Meat Proteins
  • Cooling cooked liquids and sauces to processing temperature
  • Tempura style batters

System Overview

Cryolator Flow Plan

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